Package info 

Brand Management:

Brand management is an all-round package. Your brand will be analyzed based on present positioning in relation with the level of relevance of the brand in the industry. Strong strategies will be provided to achieve a set vision and mission. 

This package will help us manage your social and commercial brand life locally and internationally.

Personal Acting coach:

A personal acting coach will be assigned to you for a period of time. There is no profession where there is never room for improvement, no matter how long one has been in the industry; there is always something to learn. 

Having a personal acting coach will help actors improve their acting skills and broaden their horizons in acting. 

Portfolio building

To work professionally as an actor, you will need to have a high-quality portfolio. A high-quality portfolio will make you appear professional and hirable. This portfolio will contain; headshots, resume and a screen-test (monologues)

Image branding:

Aside from the headshots, having professionally taken pictures with proper outfits and background is also very important. Having these pictures on your social media helps your online presence and your career. 

After deciding on what kind of brand you want to build, we will create a style look book that will capture your aimed brand. 

The proposed style will then be expressed in all images of you on all social media platforms.

Brand Launch:

This is where you will be unveiled to the world or reintroduced as the case may be. A new perspective of yourself will be shown to the general public, people will learn about you, casting directors will have an insight into who you are and what you can do. 

Having a brand launch will catch the attention of the right people in the industry and help introduce you formally into the industry. 

This will involve organizing an exhibition party where your acting skills will be exposed to the media and the industry players.